T2C: Part XIII: Nanobots

Kirk was his real name and Nano Man was who he was. Infected as he was a fetus, Kirk
had Nanobots reproducing with him basically from conception onward. The Bots made him smarter,
faster and stronger, like the 6 Million Dollar Man. Only one drawback: by exchanging blood or other
Bodily fluids, he could infect others. In fact his mother was artificially inseminated with four fertilized
eggs. And, by the way, she was then raped in her sleep by an extra-terrestrial. Whoa nelly: only one zygote survived. Kirk Kokarikov was made, not born, from DNA and NRNA: a Man and Machine.

Kirk was way off the bell curve as a child growing up. Good grades despite a ”learning
Disability.” He was, of course, socially awkward, and developed an addiction to EtOH in his late
teens. The booze seemed to help with some the side effects of the nanotechnology. Because of the nanobots he always had strange results for blood work at the doctors. He has been diagnosed, variously, with Lupus, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and HIV among others.

Tragically, Kirk accidently killed his own mother when she was cleaning a cut on his arm.
His nanobots attacked her brain and then much later killed her. So now, Kirk was an orphan. What now?

We’ll skip ahead to his late 20s. He had become a criminal hacker, naturally, and a
Multi-billionaire software developer using his nanobots, mostly. Some of his talents were God given, Actually. His rise to power was swift after he dropped out of MIT after his sophomore year,
purposefully. He started KirkBearSoft with a high school buddy, Little Big Bear, who used to sell him weed and Ritalin, coincidently. Also, Kirk had sold his soul, or what was left of it, to the Devil,

Kirk, of course, enjoyed his wealth but fame was another story. He was camera shy and
insisted on his life being no one else’s business. When he clocks out, he is truly anonymous.

And then there was NanoMan: Hero of heroic proportions. He can hack any computer that he can touch. He has huge amount of RAM, one terabyte of removable storage and several USB ports. He is a mobile supercomputer filled with superviri. He can move undetected in any operating system and bury a virus so deep even a geologist cannot dig it out.

The question is ‘Is he a hero or is his a villain? Why or why not?’ Is there any difference?

Kirk was a hero. Kirk is a villain. ‘Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.’


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