Jonah’s Story: Tall Tales

Jonah’s Story: Tall Tales

Strange Brew Kills What’s Inside of You
What Kind of Fool are You?

Strange Brew


Rebeka and I took first watch and Wodin stayed up with us. He was Drunk on two cups of Rye.
“Where did you get this Outrageous Hooch from?” Wodin asked.
“Liquor Store.” I answered.
“I have to admit I’m Feeling a bit Tipsy. Your Rye has gone Straight to my Head.”
“Lightweight.” Rebeka replied.
“Do you like Stories, Young Sister?”
“Depends on the Story.”
“Indeed it Does.” Wodin grinned. “Shall I Tell One?”
“Please. Do.” She said.
“This is the Tale of a Man called Jarl who lived long ago in the Age of Heroes.”
“This sound Promising.” I said.
“Jarl had humble beginnings as a Blacksmith: One of the best in All the King’s Land. Men came from far and wide to commission his work. He was Paid well and Lived in Comfort with his Wife and Children until the Black Plague came to Visit. One by one the Plague took his entire Family, but his own Life was Spared.”
“This Tale is Depressing.” Commented Rebeka.
“Be Patient, Sister. This is just Prologue. So Times were Tough throughout the King’s Land. No household was spared by the Plague.”
“Still Depressing.”
Wodin ignored her. “So Jarl Left it All Behind: his Home and his Forge. He was Lost in his Greif and Wandered like a Blind Man without a Cane. Eventually Jarl Wandered to the Sea and considered throwing Himself off the cliffs to his Death. But One Thought stayed his Hand.”
“What?” I asked.
“‘To Whom will I leave my Legacy.’?”
“What Legacy?” Inquired Rebeka.
“Say what?”
“Just Listen, Little Sister.”
Rebeka reluctantly shut her Trap.
“So there Jarl was looking across the wide sea and the Gods touched him as They are wont to do. Suddenly, he felt the call of the sea as Clear as I am talking now: ‘Come Sail Away with Me.’ So he did.”
“Did what?” I asked.
“Sailed Away, of course.” Woden replied.
“To Where?”
“Say What?”
“To the Far Horizon. But that’s another Tale for another Night. Excuse me, Jonah, but I must Retire. Thank for the Rye and the Company. Excuse me, my Lady.” With that, Wodin wandered off to Sleep under the Trees.


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