Gia’s Rage

Wodin and Gia’s Rage

We Gathered around the Fire because Wodin knew the E.T.’s Story:

“The Universe does not Condone Imbalance. Gia was seriously Imbalanced. 8 billion humans covering Her like a Virus: Wantonly using and abusing Her Natural Resources. But the Universe has a Sick Sense of Humor. So They came from another place in the Galaxy: Escaping from a Dying Star. They came because They smelled Blood. They were starving and low on Fuel. Uranium and other Minerals was what they really needed: we were an Afterthought. But Gia had other Intentions for Humanity.

“The ETs were the Treatment for the virus in Gia. Not a vaccine more like an antiviral: an anti-homo sapiens. Just what the Doctor ordered.”

“So you’re saying God brought Them Here?” I asked

“Not necessarily. Gia is not God, exactly. So it came to pass one day not too long Ago that Their Ships appeared in the sky like a flock of Morning Stars: dozens of extra blips on the horizon.”

“I remember that.” Jo said.

Wodin continued: “Only one Agent was sent by the Armada to act as an Ambassador. His name sounded like the French pronunciation of Robert: Row Bear. There were no Negotiations. He was presenting unconditional terms. No real Choice for Us.

“Some ignorant people thought Row Bear was an archangel: a messenger from God. Sad really. Ignorance is Bliss or so they say.”

“Where was God in all of this?” Jo asked.

“Who Knows? I have no Idea.” Wodin kept it simple. “Some others thought the E.T.s were demons sent to punish us. This was closer to the Truth then they knew.”

“What were Their Demands?” Rebeka jumped in.

“They wanted several million pounds of a variety of minerals.”

“What else?” Asked Rebeka.

“They also wanted all the domesticated cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and goats. In exchange They offered us six Interstellar Starships with full crews. Humanity would be given the Gift to Visit the Stars.”

“So We are Out There Somewhere, right now?” Jo said incredulous.

“That is if Row Bear didn’t welch out on the Deal which would not Surprise me given what happened next.” Wodin was a skeptic.

“What happened Next?” I asked because I was Underground when this Went Down.

“Well, before that, They started to mine in Russia, Canada and Southern Africa. Then, except for a few breeders, they began taking all of our cattle down to the last kid.”

“Won’t we starve?” I questioned.

“There’s always chicken.” Wodin replied.

“True dat.”

“But They didn’t stop with sheep and goats . . . They began to Harvest Us.”

“How?” I asked.

“As They were already there for the animals, They started with the rural areas. Word got our quickly and everyone started to flock toward the Cities which played right into Their plans.”

“How do you know such details?” I asked.

“Well to put it simply: I arrived with Them.”

“What the eff?!?” Jo declared.

“Are you for real?” Rebecka.

“I am an E.T. from another planetary system who visited your Earth three thousand years ago. You might call me God. Odin of Asgard the Norse.”

“You’re with Them?” I pulled my .45.

“No! I am not! I came along for the ride this time because I love humanity and I wanted to see where you ended up before you were destroyed.”

“Unfreaking believable.” I stood up and pointed my .45 at him.

“Yes it is. Please put away your weapon, Java. I wish you no Harm.”

“Prove it!” I demanded.

“Put your gun away and I will.”

“Fine.” I holstered my weapon.

“Thank you. You are near sighted, right?”


“I need to touch your eyes.”


Wodin removed my glasses and then covered my eyes with his right palm. I felt a tingling sensation where he touched me, then I opened my eyes and I could see perfectly. “Wow! I can see! How did you do that?”

“I am . . .”

“Freaking awesome! Do me next.” Declared Rebeka.

“I need to rest before I do anything else. Healing drains me.” Wodin sighed. “Jo? Throw another log on the fire, please.”

Jo did and the flames went higher.


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