Faerie Prolouge

Jonah and the Faerie

“Hey, Brother, have you tried Faerie?” Was their Mantra. Many cafes had again become havens for free thinkers, beatniks and freaks of all walks of Life: much like the streets of Paris before the Revolution. However, the Faerie Clan had no Dogma, so no one was forced to believe in anything in particular. The only glue holding this motley crew together was the Belief that Faerie had the Power to Free the Spirt and the Soul from its material chains. Some brave men and women attempted to lead this group of Believers, yet no one had the Strength yet to bring them together as One. In fact, the last thing that anyone wants after taking Faerie is to be Led somewhere.

Jonah was an earlier adopter of Faerie and was a reformed huckster and part-time con-man who had turned from his selfish ways after his first taste of Faerie. He then became an Evangelist of sorts. Everyone who knew the old Jonah knew for a fact that something profound had changed Jonah for the better. Those who had not known him before simply called him a Zealot. Jonah preferred to call himself a True Believer.

Of course, the Freaks were not the only ones jumping on the Faerie bandwagon. A significant number of W.A.S.P.s, Catholics, Evangelicals and Muslims were falling on their knees for Faerie, too. So many, in fact, that the so called main line denominations began to see Faerie as a real threat to the hold of these congregations on their own flocks. Soon pastors, priests, ministers and imams began to preach on the “evil” that they claimed was inherent in taking a “drug” to achieve a Spiritual Awakening. The amazing part is that these men could agree on anything at all. However, the Faerie Clan refused to respond to what they perceived as a ridiculous assertion based on “contempt prior to investigation.”
During this burgeoning conflict Jonah began to be featured on cable news shows as the “Voice of Faerie.”

“On tonight’s Daily Show we have a very special guest: Jonah Laughing Coyote of the Faerie Clan. He’s here to talk about his new book: Gia’s Rage.” Trevor Noah announced.
“So what name do prefer to go by? Jonah or Laughing Coyote?”
“Both are my Name. One I was given to me at birth. One I was gifted on my Spirit Walk.”
“All right, cool. So let’s get right to it. You’ve been making the rounds on cable news channels defending your Faith. Why?”
“First, let’s be clear, my Faith needs no defending. I Believe and so it Is. Also, if no one speaks for us, we will defined by the Enemy. Finally, I truly trust that God is speaking through me as a Prophet for our Age.”
“Those are certainly unconventional and controversial assertions. Let’s break them down one at a time: Faith first.”
“The Fact is that I have had significant and profound Spiritual Awakening when I took Faerie. And I continue to take it as more is revealed.”
“Cannot argue with that. So you call your detractors the Enemy?”
“I do.”
“Because they attempt to manipulate our Message, of course!” Jonah smiled. “All we ask of them is to have an Open Mind to new Ideas.”
“I understand. But what do you mean when you say you are a ‘Prophet for our Age?’”
“Well if we look back in history every age has its own Prophets. Most recently we’ve had Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Further back we had the likes of Joan of Arc and St. Thomas Aquinas. So I believe that God has chosen me as a Prophet for our time and in this place.”
“Interesting. Are there others?”
“Of course. We all have the potential to Prophesize. Just try some Faerie.”
“No wonder they call you an Evangelist.”
“That’s True.”
“Let’s talk about your book: Gia’s Rage. In it you describe a dystopian society that has risen from the ashes of the Apocalypse.”
“That’s true. Only 0.01% of humanity has survived a massive viral outbreak because they were taking Faerie regularly.”
“So you’re saying that only the Chosen few will survive the End of Civilization?”
“Yes. Of course.” Jonah smiled broadly.

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