The Economics of Revolution

Joel: I’m surprised that your Dad is not in Brazil for the World Cup?

Dave: Well, he’s seventy years old and it’s totally Insane down there right now.

J: I’ve heard they’re having a lot of Problems down there taking care of all the fans: Transportation and Everything else.

D: There’s quite a bit social unrest. You know in terms of the people who are very Upset that all this Money is being spent on the World Cup. There’s a bunch of people without houses or electricity and other Basic Services. And Brazil I’m not gonna say is a Socialist Country but had Socialist leanings. Problems with the lower classes. People get really upset when . . .

J: By socialist leanings to you mean that people are dependent upon the government?

D: By Socialist I mean that somebody is getting screwed.

J: Oh?

D: Yeah. Very Socialist.

J: Tell me more.

D: The Government is falling apart.

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