Because the Night Belongs to Lovers

Because the Night Belongs to Lovers.
Because the Night Belongs to Us.

Because the Night
Patti Smith

We’ve been together a fortnight now. No Others have Appeared, but Jo found a body last Tuesday. It was so decomposed she could not tell if it was a man or a woman. When we sleep, two of us are always on watch. That means we are always sleep deprived and slower Mentally. I guess that’s the Price You Pay for Vigilance.

We always pull second watch together, so we know each other well, very well, by now.
Last night we talked in a typical way: “You wanna talk more about my baggage Jonah?” Rebekah laughed.
“Well my suitcase ain’t exactly a carry-on bag, I hate to admit. Why don’t you tell me about that Dream you had last Night?”
“Which one?” She replied.
“The one with the Hawk.”
“Oh yeah. Wait. How did you know . . . ?
“Uh, um, Lucky Guess.”
“Yeah, right! Anyhoo: the Dream starts with me skinny dipping in the Ocean.”
“Good Start. Is it night or day?”
“Night, I think . . . No . . . Dawn. Anyway . . . There is a new Moon and the water is freezing, so I’ve got nipple hard-ons.”
“Sweet! I’m with you so far.”
“Then I get out, grab a towel and dry off.”
“So as I dry off, I notice motion out the Corner of my Eye, and I look around and see a large bird standing about twenty feet away. I cannot tell what kind it is a first, so I slowly walk toward it.”
“Didn’t you scare her away?”
“Surprisingly, no.” She replied.
“Then what happened?”
“I saw in fact she was a Red Tailed Hawk. Then she started to talk to me.”
“What did the Hawk say?”
“‘Who are you?’”
“No shit?”
“No shit.” Rebekah replied. “‘My name is Rebekah. Who are you?’”
“Then the Hawk asked ‘Why are you here?’”
“‘I don’t know.’ I said.”
“‘Well, Rebekah, how can you get to Where you’re Going if you don’t know the Way?’”
“Good point.” I conceded.
“So anyway,” Rebekah continued. “She said, ‘See you later.’ And then flew away over the ocean toward the rising sun.”
“Wow, what a Beautiful Dream . . .”
“I know, right? Please, Jonah, tell me what my Dream means!” She begged.
“Um . . . okay . . . I’ll give it a shot.” I mumbled.
“Thank you, Jonah.”
“So . . . Let’s See . . . When the Dream starts, you are skinny dipping in the Sea. Your nakedness symbolizes the Reclaiming of your Childhood Innocence. Are you in Touch with your Inner Child, Sister?”
“I think so.”
“Swimming is a Cleansing process – like Baptism. Finally, the Ocean is a Desert with its Life Underground, representing Hidden Strength and Potential Power.”
“O-kay?” She reacts: Incredulous. “Is that all?”
“Nope.” I shake my head. “Cold water means a Fear of Death. The hard nipples suggest Sexual Desire and Motherhood.”
“Dawn is straight forward: New Beginnings, Magic, Mystery and the Unknown Becoming Known.”
“Tell me more, Jonah! What about the Moon?”
“It was a New Moon, right?”
“The New Moon is the Phoenix: Death and Rebirth in the same Breath. Odin is the New Moon Personified.”
“Whoa . . .”
“Yup. Good Medicine. Now, the She Hawk is directly related to the New Moon.”
“Yes, it all fits together nicely. The She Hawk is a Messenger, the god Mercury: A message from the Universe. So pay attention to Her Words.”
“Thank you, Jonah!” She leaned in to Kiss me on the cheek. Sweet.
Copyright 2014 Joel Paddon


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