Gia’s Rage Part V

Gia’s Rage Part V

They will not force us.
They will stop degrading us.
They will not control us.
We will be victorious.


After Jo’s Story we clean up and pack in Silence.
Java speaks first: “Why so serious? We’ve got the whole day ahead of us!”
“Yeah. Chasing two Crazy Crows.” Replies Jo sarcastically.
“At least we’re going Somewhere.” Says Connor who hadn’t spoken in days.
“That’s right Condor. We’re going West. Following the Ravens by day and the Owls by night, if need be.” I reply. “If you wanna go on your own: feel free, Jo.”
“No, Joel. I am with you until the End.”
“So are we all.” Acknowledges Jarl.
“S0 say we all.” Is the refrain from the crew.
“So say we all.” Adds Wodin.
The Ravens are moving exceptionally fast today. At one point we lose them altogether until Jo finds them is an immense Old Oak Tree: waiting for us cawing away. “Let’s make camp.” I order. “For here: this is an Old Sacred Grove! Thank you, Muninn and Huginn!” They caw back loudly.
Then Wodin walks up and places his palm on the trunk of the Old Oak, bows his head and mumbles a quick prayer under his breath. “We need to stay here for three days.” Is his answer.
“O . . . Kay . . .” Jo responds incredulous.
“What about the Ravens?” Asks Connor.
“They’ll wait for us, if I tell them to.” Responds Wodin.
“Condor and Jamie on KP. Jo and me on first watch.” I command.

Here I am Again

Here I am Again

Here I am again: Jumping to Conclusions.
Still caught up in my latest Delusions.
So Unsure of my Foundation.
Living a Life of Consternation.

Living simply is too hard as a Fool:
When constant doubt is the absolute Rule.
When I Pray to You, I hear Your Voice.
To Live and Die the Same is my Choice.

Today just Take my Will and Life.
Remove me from this Strife.
Guide me in my Recovery
Work for a New Discovery.

Turn it all over to the Mother of us All.
And show me How to Live.

Final Ode to Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad: An Ode

My Dad always told me to go with the flow:
A Soul breaking Free from the sludge.
My Mom taught me not to judge:
To Love my neighbor as my foe.

I owe my folks for how I was raised.
Discipline was not withheld.
Loved when I finally fell.
To their God I must Praise.

Schoolin’ was my favorite part of life –
Readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatic.
Knowledge was a Free Gift —
Growing and Living free of strife.

Someday I’ll have my own kids.
Raise them just like I was.
Passing along the Way it was done.
Follow the Path is what we’ll do.