Gia’s Rage: Part II

Gia’s Rage: Part Two

At Dusk we continued to talk around the warm fire as the planets, stars and New Moon began to appear at Twilight: a Magical Time. We had brewed a third pot of java as we anticipated a long talk. At first we hit him with a barrage of questions. Finally He yelled:


“Sorry, Wodin.” Jo mumbled.

“Why don’t you go first, Jo?” Wodin suggested.

“Sure. So why did You stay behind? You may never be able to your Home again?”

“My Home was destroyed many ages ago in a supernova explosion. I have no Home. I Wander: Looking to spread the Message of Hope offered by the Great Spirit.”

“The what?!?” I laughed. I couldn’t help myself.

“Ok. I guess you’re next, Java.”

“Sure . . .”

“I am a Messenger of the One True Creator. The Great I Am.”

“The who?”

“So you’ve never read the Bible?”

I lowered my head and managed a weak, “No.”

“Why not?”

My head fell further. “I can’t read. No schoolin’ where I grew up. By then I figured I did fine so far, so why bother. Ya know?”

“Sad.” Wodin shook his head. “What a Shame.”

I responded: “You didn’t answer my question yet.”

“You’re right. To put it simply, I’m here to save your Civilization.”

“And just how are you gonna do that?” I asked.

“Nope, not your turn, Java. You’re next Jacob.”

“Hmm . . .” He pondered. “Let’s see: Why do you give a shit if we all live or die?”

“Because my God has commanded me to follow His orders or I am out job. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?” He said with a wicked smile.

Java got up to check the percolator and then he poured refills for everyone. Wodin thanked him, blew on the hot brew, took a small sip and then declared: “Jesus, Java! This coffee is gonna put hair on my balls.”

“Yup.” I replied as everyone burst out laughing.

Copyright 2015
Joel Paddon